Canadian economy is suffering

Canadian economy is presently suffering a major setback for several reasons, including the failed anti-business policies of the Liberal party, their obsession with climate change, and their push to eliminate fossil fuels from the economy.

The Liberal government failed to commit to positive policy decisions that encouraged business investments and growth. They neglected to introduce policies which were friendly to investors, leaving the Canadian economy languishing. More so, their policies shifted away from traditional economic principles such as low taxes, limited government spending, and free-market trade to an over-regulation government spending in certain sectors of the economy. Thus, trading and market activities were discouraged leading to companies sticking either remaining in the same spot, reducing the possibility of them expanding, updating and innovating. This lack of Physical growing economy affected the flow of cash within the market, which limited the chances for new enterprise to form or existing ones to grow. Without an increase in investment from both domestic and foreign entities, the Canadian economy was gradually weakened by the lack of business development.

Small business owners in Canada have also felt the brunt of the Liberal government’s climate change agenda, which is heavily tilted towards green energy. The Liberal government’s policy of allocating billions of dollars towards green energy initiatives has come with a hefty price tag for the average Canadian, leading to an increase in consumer prices. This has reduced the rate of investments in the small business community and, as a result, the Canadian economy as a whole has begun to suffer.

Further, the push to eliminate fossil fuels from the economy is one of the major catalysts of the present weakened state of the Canadian economy. The anti-oil and gas policies of the Liberal government are resulting in economic disruptions that will be felt for decades. The oil and gas sector is researched to  is a major driver of the Canadian economy and the governments climate-cratic agenda is leading to the elimination of an entire industry. This is proving to be catastrophic for the Canadian economy as it is projected to lead to job losses that could number in the tens of thousands, resulting in a tremendous strain on the already fragile Canadian economy.

Apart from the drastic policy measures and out-growing investments the government can also help the Canadian economy by providing economic aid to both business and citizens that will help them to stabilize their heights. Albeit, this will cause tax rises for high earners, if the right approach is taken, measurably including tax cuts for businesses and low-income earners it could help absorb some of the shock brought about the present economy.

In conclusion, the Liberal government’s anti-business policies and their heavy emphasis on climate change and eliminating fossil fuels from the economy have put a severe strain on the Canadian economy. As such, a sensible approach must be adopted to address the various factors that have led to the present strain on the Canadian economy and to stimulate investments and encourage business growth. Without a steady influx of foreign and domestic investment, the Canadian economy will continue to suffer in the foreseeable future.